Is the Design Home App Free?

Design Home is a mobile game app released in 2016. It allows users to virtually design and decorate their own rooms with 3D furniture, accessories, and decorations. The app has gained popularity among the interior design community due to its realistic graphics and easy-to-use tools.

Design Home is free to download on both iOS and Android devices, but the game does offer in-app purchases. These purchases include virtual currency (called “diamonds”) that can be used to purchase furniture and other items for your room designs. There are also offers for additional content packs that feature exclusive items not available in the regular game.

In addition to the free version of Design Home, there is also a subscription-based version called Design Home+ which unlocks exclusive content such as new furniture, rooms, and more. The subscription cost is $9.99/month or $99/year and gives players access to everything Design Home has to offer without paying for individual item purchases or additional content packs.

Design Home is an excellent way for users to explore their creativity while learning about interior design principles. With its realistic graphics and easy-to-use tools, this app makes it fun and simple for anyone who wants to create beautiful room designs without spending a lot of money. Although it does offer in-app purchases, the basic version of Design Home is completely free to download on both iOS and Android devices.


Yes, the Design Home App is free – you can download it from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for your device with no charge whatsoever! However, if you want even more content such as exclusive items or access to all of Design Home’s features then you can purchase a subscription plan at an additional cost.