Is Prada L Homme Intense Discontinued?

If you’re a fan of Prada L’Homme Intense, you may be wondering if the fragrance has been discontinued. With so many fragrances coming and going in the market, it’s not uncommon for fans to worry about their favorite scents disappearing.

So, is Prada L’Homme Intense still available? Let’s find out.

What is Prada L’Homme Intense?

Prada L’Homme Intense is a popular men’s fragrance that was launched in 2017. It is a deeper and more intense version of the original Prada L’Homme fragrance, which was introduced in 2016. The fragrance features a blend of spicy, earthy, and floral notes that create a warm and sophisticated scent.

Why Do People Think It’s Discontinued?

There has been some confusion around whether or not Prada L’Homme Intense has been discontinued because it has become difficult to find in some stores. Some online retailers have also listed the fragrance as “out of stock” or “discontinued,” which has led to speculation among fans.

Is It Actually Discontinued?

The good news is that there is no official word from Prada that suggests that they have discontinued the fragrance. While it may be true that some retailers are no longer carrying the scent, it’s possible that this could be due to supply chain issues or simply because they have sold out of their stock.

Where Can You Buy Prada L’Homme Intense?

If you’re looking to buy Prada L’Homme Intense, there are still plenty of places where you can find it. While it may not be as widely available as some other fragrances, many online retailers still carry it. You can also check with your local department stores or specialty fragrance shops to see if they have it in stock.

Final Thoughts

While it’s true that Prada L’Homme Intense has become more difficult to find in some places, there is no evidence to suggest that it has been discontinued. If you’re a fan of the fragrance, don’t worry – you should still be able to find it with a bit of searching. Just remember to check with multiple retailers and keep an eye out for restocks in case the fragrance sells out quickly.