Is Industrial Design a Science?

Industrial design is the use of both applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, and usability of products, while also addressing their production and distribution. It involves the development of products from concept to final product, using a variety of methods such as sketching, prototyping, modeling, engineering drawings, and manufacturing processes.

Industrial designers are concerned with the look and feel of a product as well as its functionality. They create designs that are visually appealing, ergonomically correct, and technically feasible.

The field of industrial design is complex and multi-disciplinary in nature. Industrial designers must have a wide range of skills including knowledge in ergonomics, materials science, engineering, graphic design, psychology, marketing, manufacturing processes and prototyping. They must also have an understanding of user needs and preferences to create effective solutions.

Industrial design is often considered an art form because it requires creativity and imagination to produce designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. However, industrial design is also a science because it requires knowledge in various disciplines such as engineering and psychology. Industrial designers must use scientific principles to create products that are not only attractive but also functional.

Industrial design has evolved over the years from being focused on aesthetics to now incorporating aspects of engineering and technology. This evolution has made industrial design more complex as well as more important in today’s world. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace it is essential for industrial designers to keep up with these changes in order to stay ahead in the industry.


It can be concluded that industrial design is both an art form and a science that incorporates many different disciplines such as ergonomics, materials science, engineering psychology etc., which makes it an incredibly complex field requiring creativity as well as technical knowledge. Thus we can say that Industrial Design is indeed a Science.