Is Industrial Design an Engineering Degree?

Industrial design is a creative field that requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to produce stunning designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally fulfilling. The industrial design process involves the use of engineering principles and tools to create products, such as furniture, appliances, consumer electronics, medical equipment, automotive components, and industrial equipment. Industrial designers employ a range of methodologies including concept generation, idea development, research and analysis, sketching and rendering, modeling and prototyping.

Industrial design requires an understanding of engineering principles in order to create effective designs. Designers must understand the physical properties of materials as well as the mechanical systems used in product construction.

They must also be familiar with the manufacturing processes used to produce products. In addition to these technical skills, designers must also have a strong creative side that allows them to visualize what a product should look like before it is built.

In order to become an industrial designer, you need to have a degree in industrial design or engineering from an accredited college or university. A standard curriculum for an industrial design degree includes courses in mathematics, physics, thermodynamics and other sciences related to engineering.

Students will also learn about materials science and manufacturing processes. Additionally, they will study design principles such as ergonomics and aesthetics.

An engineering degree is not necessary for becoming an industrial designer but having one can provide designers with additional knowledge that can be useful when creating products. An engineering degree gives students an understanding of how mechanical components interact with each other as well as how they interact with the environment. It also provides a deeper understanding of materials science which can help designers choose the right materials for their products.


In conclusion, industrial design isn’t necessarily an engineering degree but having one can provide additional knowledge that can be useful when creating designs for products.