Is CalArts Good for Graphic Design?

The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is a renowned art school that offers programs in graphic design and other visual arts. With its strong academic focus on creativity and innovation, CalArts has been a leader in the field of graphic design for decades. It is well-known for its rigorous curriculum and its commitment to helping students develop their own unique creative styles.

The CalArts Graphic Design program is designed to give students the opportunity to express their ideas through visual communication. The program covers both traditional and digital graphic design, as well as motion graphics, web design, and photography.

Students benefit from working with experienced faculty members who are passionate about pushing their students to develop their own unique styles.

In addition to the rigorous coursework, CalArts also provides a variety of extracurricular opportunities for its students. These include workshops, field trips, internships, and collaborative projects with other art schools. These activities provide a great opportunity for students to network with industry professionals and gain valuable experience.

CalArts also offers an array of resources for its students including a library full of relevant books, magazines and videos. The school also provides access to software such as Adobe Creative Suite which can help students hone their skills.


Overall, CalArts is an excellent choice for those looking for an education in graphic design. With its strong academic focus on creativity and innovation coupled with numerous extracurricular activities and resources available to its students, it provides an ideal environment for aspiring designers looking to hone their craft.