How Much Do Product Design Directors Make?

Product design directors are high-level professionals with years of experience in the product design industry. They are responsible for the overall design, implementation and management of products for their organization.

Product design directors have a wide range of responsibilities, including leading product design teams and developing product strategies. They must understand customer needs and be able to communicate effectively with other departments to ensure successful product launches.

Product design directors must have excellent problem-solving skills as well as a deep understanding of the latest trends in product design. They must also be able to manage multiple projects at once and have strong organizational skills. Additionally, they need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment and manage tight deadlines.

The salary for a product design director varies depending on experience, qualifications, location, and other factors. According to PayScale, the median annual salary for Product Design Directors is $125,000 per year. The top earners make around $170,000 per year while the lowest earners make around $90,000 per year.

In addition to salary, many companies offer bonuses or other incentives such as stock options or medical benefits. A product design director’s job also offers career growth opportunities such as additional roles in development or management.


Product Design Directors are highly qualified professionals who earn a significant salary with additional incentives such as bonuses and stock options. The median annual salary for Product Design Directors is $125,000 per year with top earners making up to $170,000 per year and lowest earners making up to $90,000 per year.