How Much Does a Director of Product Design Make?

Being a director of product design is a great way to make a living. It is an important job in the product development process, and it can be quite lucrative if you are successful.

Directors of product design are responsible for creating and managing the design of products from concept to completion. They have to ensure that the designs meet customer needs, market requirements, and technical specifications. In addition, they must be able to effectively collaborate with other departments such as engineering, marketing, and manufacturing.

The salary range for a director of product design depends on experience level, company size, and industry. Generally, salaries range from $100k per year to over $200k per year.

At larger companies with more established products, salaries can be even higher. Directors of product design may also receive bonuses or stock options depending on the company’s performance and their own work performance.

In order to become a director of product design, you must have a degree in engineering or a related field such as industrial design or computer science. You should also have several years of experience in the field so that you can demonstrate your proficiency in managing complex projects from start to finish. Additionally, directors must have excellent communication skills so that they can effectively work with other departments throughout the product development process.


A director of product design can make anywhere from $100K – $200K per year depending on their experience level and the size/industry of their company. To become a successful director one must possess an engineering degree along with several years of related experience as well as strong communication skills.