How Do You Make Bible Tabs on Cricut?

Bible tabs, or Bible indexing tabs, are a great way to keep your Bible organized and easy to reference. The Cricut machine is a great tool for creating custom bible tabs quickly and easily, with no complicated setup process or special materials needed.

Getting Started

To make bible tabs on your Cricut machine, you’ll need a few basic supplies. You’ll need some cardstock paper, an adhesive of your choice (such as double-sided tape or glue), and some small pieces of paper for the tab labels. You’ll also need the Cricut Design Space software installed on your computer and the appropriate cutting mat for your Cricut machine.

Designing Your Bible Tabs

Once you have all of the supplies you need, it’s time to start designing! Start by opening the Design Space software and selecting the “Bible Tabs” template from the library of templates. This template will give you a basic design which you can customize to create your own unique bible tabs.

Editing Your Bible Tab Design

Once you have selected the template, it’s time to start customizing your design. You can choose from a variety of font styles and colors to create an eye-catching design that will stand out in any Bible.

Additionally, you can also add images or other artwork to further personalize your design. When you’re finished designing your bible tab layout, save it as an image file so that it’s ready for printing when you’re ready to cut out your tabs.

Printing & Cutting Out Your Bible Tabs

When it comes time to cut out your bible tabs, begin by setting up your Cricut machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, load up the cutting mat with cardstock paper and place it into the machine so that it is securely held in place by the clamps.

Finally, upload your saved image file into Design Space and make sure that all of the settings are correct before pressing “Cut”. After a few moments of printing and cutting out each tab, they should be ready for assembly!

Assembling Your Bible Tabs
Once all of the pieces have been cut out correctly, you can begin assembling them into complete bible tabs. Start by attaching each tab label onto its corresponding piece with either double-sided tape or glue depending on what type of adhesive you chose earlier.

Next, arrange all of your assembled pieces onto a page in such a way that they will fit nicely inside most Bibles when folded up properly (making sure not to overlap any pieces). Finally, fold up each tab along its scored lines so that they form neat little folds which will fit perfectly into any Bible!


Making bible tabs on a Cricut machine is an easy process that requires only basic supplies such as cardstock paper and adhesive materials plus access to Design Space software. Once all of these items are acquired and setup is complete, users can begin designing their own unique bible tab layouts before cutting them out with their Cricut machine and finally assembling them into neat little folds which fit perfectly inside most Bibles!