How Do You Do Cutouts on Cricut?

Cutouts are a great way to customize any project you make with your Cricut machine. Whether you’re creating cards, signs, or decorations, the ability to cut out specific shapes and patterns can add a professional touch. Luckily, the Cricut cutting machine makes it easy to do cutouts quickly and accurately.

Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary materials on hand. You’ll need a Cricut cutting machine, some cardstock or other material for your project, and a cutting mat. You’ll also need some transfer paper if you plan on using vinyl or other adhesive-backed materials.

Next, select the shape or pattern that you want to cut out of your cardstock or other material. Many Cricut machines come with software that lets you create custom designs from scratch or select from pre-made templates.

Once you’ve selected your design, load it into the Cricut cutting software and adjust the settings to match your material type and desired size. For most projects, setting the blade depth to “3” will produce the best results.

Cutting Out Your Design

Place your cardstock on the cutting mat and load it into your Cricut machine. Be sure that the front side of your cardstock is facing up so that your design will be cut correctly.

Press “Go” on your Cricut machine and watch as it begins to cut out your design. Depending on how intricate your design is, this process may take several minutes.

Transferring Your Cutouts

Remove the cardstock from the cutting mat and peel away any excess pieces of paper. Carefully lift off each individual piece of your design using tweezers or a pair of scissors.

If you are using adhesive-backed materials such as vinyl, use transfer paper to move each piece into its correct place before pressing down firmly with a squeegee.

Conclusion: How Do You Do Cutouts On A Cricut?

Cutouts are easy to do with a Cricut machine. Select a shape or pattern for your project and adjust settings in the software accordingly.

Place cardstock onto a cutting mat before pressing “Go” on the machine to start cutting out each individual piece of your design. Transfer each piece into its correct place with transfer paper if necessary before pressing down firmly with a squeegee. With practice, creating professional-looking custom projects with cutouts will become easier than ever!