How Do You Make a Fairy Silhouette Jar?

Fairy Silhouette jars are a perfect way to add a touch of magic and whimsy to any room! This DIY project is easy to make and requires only a few materials.

All you need is a clear glass jar, some tissue paper in the color of your choice, scissors, glue, and some fairy Silhouettes.

Start by cutting the tissue paper into small pieces. Make sure they are small enough to fit inside the jar without bunching up.

Then, use the glue to attach the pieces of tissue paper to the inside of the jar.

Once you have all your tissue paper glued in place, it’s time to add your fairy Silhouettes. You can find these online or at your local craft store.

Cut out the Silhouettes and glue them onto the outside of the jar. Be sure to space them out evenly for maximum effect.

Add Some Lights:

To take this project up a notch, consider adding some battery-operated lights into the jar. This will create an ethereal glow that will make your fairy Silhouette jars even more magical! All you need is some string lights or fairy lights that fit inside the jar.

Display It Proudly:

Once you’ve finished making your magical fairy Silhouette jars, it’s time to show them off! Place them around your home or give them as gifts for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.


Creating fairy Silhouette jars is a great way to add some extra magic and whimsy into any room! With just a few simple steps and materials, you can make something truly unique and beautiful. So grab some supplies and get started on making your own magical fairy Silhouette jars today!