How Do You Make 3D Letters on Silhouette?

Making 3D letters on Silhouette is a great way to add depth and dimension to your artwork and projects. With the help of a few simple tools, anyone can create their own unique 3D letters in just a few easy steps. Here’s how:

Step 1: Select the type of letter you want to make. You can choose from a variety of fonts and sizes. Be sure to select a font that is bold enough to be visible when cut out.

Step 2: Create your design in Silhouette Studio. This software allows you to customize your design by changing the size, shape, and font of your lettering. You can also add effects such as shadows or outlines for a more 3D look.

Step 3: Cut out your lettering using the Silhouette machine. Be sure to use the appropriate blade setting for cutting paper or cardstock depending on what material you are using. Make sure all parts of your lettering are tightly connected so that it won’t fall apart when you try to assemble it later.

Step 4: Assemble your lettering by folding each piece along its cut lines and taping or gluing them together at the edges. This will create a three-dimensional effect as all parts come together to form your 3D lettering.

Step 5: Add color or embellishments as desired for an even more eye-catching look! You can paint the letters with acrylics, add glitter, or use washi tape for added texture and visual appeal.

Making 3D letters on Silhouette is an easy and fun way to create custom artwork for any occasion! With just a few simple steps, you can create stunning dimensional letters that will stand out from any other project.


Creating 3D letters on Silhouette is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished with just a few tools such as Silhouette Studio software, paper/cardstock, scissors/blade, glue/tape and acrylic paint/glitter/washi tape (optional).

With these supplies in hand anyone can easily create their own unique 3D letters with ease!