How Do You Get the Keys on Home Design Makeover?

Having the right keys to unlock the features of your favorite home design game can be a lifesaver. Home Design Makeover is no exception.

With its plethora of decorative objects and tools, this game offers players a chance to customize their dream homes. Getting the right keys can help make that process easier and faster.

The first step to getting the keys is to create an account on the game’s website. This will give you access to all the items and tools available in Home Design Makeover.

Once you have done that, you can then purchase in-game coins or diamonds. The coins and diamonds will be used as currency for any items or tools that you wish to buy for your home design.

Once you have enough coins or diamonds, you can then go about purchasing keys for specific rooms or items. The game includes a wide variety of furniture, décor pieces, and other items that require certain keys to unlock them. For example, if you want to buy a sofa for your living room, you need to have the sofa key in order to do so.

Aside from purchasing keys within the game itself, players can also find them on third-party websites such as eBay or Amazon. These websites often offer cheaper prices than what is available within Home Design Makeover itself. However, it is important to remember that these websites often provide pirated versions of the game’s content which could contain malware or viruses.


Getting the keys on Home Design Makeover is easy once you have registered an account on their website and purchased enough coins or diamonds. You can buy specific keys within the game itself or look for them on third-party websites such as eBay or Amazon. However, it is important to take caution when buying from these websites as they may contain pirated versions of the game’s content with malicious software included.