How Do You Cut in a Silhouette Portrait?

Silhouette portraits are a great way to add personality to photographs and other artwork. They are often used in wedding photos, family photos, and any other type of print where an individual or group is the main focus. But how do you cut in a Silhouette portrait?

Start by finding a photo of the person or group you want to cut out. This can be a photograph, an online image, or even a drawing you’ve made yourself.

Make sure the person or people are standing in front of a plain background. This will make it much easier to create the Silhouette.

Next, open up your favorite photo-editing software (such as Photoshop) and load up the image. Adjust the brightness and contrast settings until you have a clear black-and-white image that highlights only the outline of each person. Once you’re happy with your image, use the “Select” tool to draw around each person.

You can then use the “Erase” tool to get rid of any unwanted areas or details that don’t fit within the Silhouette shape. You may also want to refine your selection with additional tools such as “Feather” or “Smooth Edges.”

Finally, save your work by exporting it as an image file (such as .jpg). Your Silhouette portrait is now ready to be printed onto paper, canvas, or any other surface you choose.


Creating a Silhouette portrait is relatively simple when done digitally. All you need is an image of your subject, some patience and skill with photo-editing software, and then you can produce beautiful results in no time!