How Do I Print and Cut an Image in Silhouette?

Printing and cutting an image in Silhouette is a great way to make unique and custom decor pieces, stickers, and signs. It’s a relatively simple process that can be done by anyone with a Silhouette machine and the right materials.

This tutorial will show you how to print and cut an image using the Silhouette software.

The first step is to prepare your image for printing. You’ll need to choose the appropriate file format for printing in Silhouette.

The most common formats are .jpg, .png, .svg, .dxf, .eps, and .ai. Once you’ve selected your file format, you can open it in Silhouette Studio or any other compatible software.

Once your image is open in Silhouette Studio, you will need to adjust the size and position of the image on the page. The next step is to select the material that you want to print on. You can use cardstock, vellum paper, or specialty papers such as photo paper or metallic paper.

Now it’s time to print your image. Make sure that your printer is connected properly before printing. Once it’s connected, select “Print” from the File menu in Silhouette Studio and choose your printer from the list of available printers.


Once your image has been printed successfully, it’s time to cut it out with your Silhouette machine. Select “Cut Settings” from the File menu in Silhouette Studio and choose the appropriate material setting for your paper or cardstock. Then click “Send To Printer/Cutter” and select “Send Cut Data”.

Finally, place your printed material onto the cutting mat of your machine and press “Send To Printer/Cutter” again. Your machine should begin cutting out your design automatically!


Printing and cutting an image with a Silhouette machine is a relatively simple process that requires only a few steps: preparing an appropriate file format for printing; adjusting size and position of the design on page; selecting materials; sending cut data; placing printed material on cutting mat; pressing send button; waiting for cutting process to finish! With this tutorial you have all you need to start creating amazing prints in no time!