How Do I Print Iron on Vinyl on My Silhouette?

Iron on vinyl is a great way to add a personal touch to your clothing, bags, and other fabric items. With the help of a Silhouette cutting machine, you can easily create custom designs that you can transfer onto any fabric item.

Using an iron-on transfer is a great way to customize any item with unique designs and artwork. The process is simple and doesn’t require many tools or materials. All you need is your Silhouette cutting machine, some iron-on vinyl, an iron or heat press, scissors, and a piece of fabric.

Once you have all your supplies ready, the first step is to create your design in the Silhouette software. Designing in this software allows you to use any font or graphic element that you want for your project.

You can also use pre-made designs from the library of images included with the software. Once you are done designing, you can cut out your design on the vinyl with the help of the cutting machine.

Once your design has been cut out of the vinyl, it’s time to place it on your fabric. To do this correctly and ensure that it sticks properly, make sure that you are using an iron or heat press set at the right temperature for the type of vinyl that you are using. Place the design facedown onto your fabric item and then press down firmly for several seconds before lifting off carefully.

After pressing down on the design onto your fabric item make sure to let it cool completely before peeling off the backing paper from your vinyl design. This will ensure that all parts have been transferred correctly onto your fabric item without any issues or smudging of details. Finally, if desired, you can add some extra protection by adding a layer of fabric glue over top of your finished design as well as sewing around it for extra durability if necessary.


Printing iron on vinyl onto any fabric item with a Silhouette cutting machine is an easy process with amazing results! All it takes is some time and patience along with having all supplies ready when needed such as a cutting machine, iron-on vinyl sheets, an iron or heat press, scissors and a piece of fabric. Designing in Silhouette software gives users full control over what they want their project to look like while also having access to thousands of fonts and graphics included in its library.