How Do You Cut Iron on Vinyl on Silhouette Cameo?

Cutting iron on vinyl with a Silhouette Cameo is an easy and efficient way to customize clothes and other fabric items. Iron on vinyl is a type of heat transfer film that can be cut with a craft machine like the Silhouette Cameo, and then applied to fabric using a hot iron. The process is simple, and with just a few steps, you can personalize almost any item with your favorite design.

Step One: Begin by finding the right type of iron-on vinyl for your project. The most popular types are vinyl sheets or rolls in either HTV (heat transfer vinyl) or adhesive HTV (also known as sticker vinyl). Both types of iron-on vinyl are easy to use with the Silhouette Cameo, but they have different characteristics so make sure to choose the right one for your project.

Step Two: Load your chosen type of iron-on vinyl onto the cutting mat, making sure that it is aligned correctly before feeding it into the machine. You can use the cutting depth setting in your software to adjust the blade depth accordingly depending on the thickness of your material.

Step Three: Design or upload your artwork into Silhouette Studio, then mirror it so that it will be cut in reverse. This step is important as it ensures that when you apply the heat transfer film to fabric, it will look correct once pressed.

Step Four: Next, select “Send” from within the software and confirm all settings before sending your design to be cut on your machine. Make sure you have selected “Iron On Vinyl” as this will adjust settings such as blade pressure and cutting speed automatically for this specific material type.

Step Five: Once complete, remove the cut design from the mat carefully and peel away any excess material around the edges of your design using an X-acto knife or weeding tool if necessary. Now you’re ready to apply your design onto fabric!

Applying Iron On Vinyl Onto Fabric: Preheat garment accordingly before pressing – this is important so that when you apply heat from an iron or heat press, it will adhere properly and last through wear and wash cycles. Place garment onto press surface then layer cut design face down onto garment making sure that all edges are securely adhered before pressing for 10-15 seconds at medium pressure (depending on material type). Afterwards allow garment to cool completely before peeling away carrier sheet which will reveal finished product!

Conclusion: Cutting iron on vinyl with a Silhouette Cameo is a great way to customize clothing and other items with ease! By following these five simple steps – choosing materials, loading them onto cutting mats, designing/uploading artwork into software, selecting settings in software before sending file to be cut and applying finished product onto fabric – you can easily create custom garments quickly and efficiently.