How Do I Connect My Cricut Expression to My Computer?

Connecting your Cricut Expression to your computer is the first step in getting your machine up and running. The Cricut Expression is a two-in-one die cutting and embossing machine designed for crafting projects.

It can be used to cut paper, fabric, vinyl, vellum, and more. Connecting the Cricut to your computer will allow you to access the many features and designs that are available through the Cricut Design Space software.

The first step in connecting the Cricut Expression to a computer is to locate the USB port on the back of the machine. The USB port looks like a rectangular opening with metal contacts inside. Once you have located this port, take the included USB cable and plug one end into this port and then plug the other end into an available USB port on your computer.

With the connection made, turn on your Cricut Expression by pressing down on the power button located at the top of the machine. You should see a green light appear at this time that indicates that it has been powered on successfully.

Next, open up your web browser of choice (e.g., Chrome, Firefox) and navigate to This will load up a login page where you can enter in your username and password if you already have an account with Cricut Design Space.

If you do not have an account yet, then you can click on “Sign Up” at this page in order to create one quickly and easily. Once logged in or signed up successfully, click on “My Machines” from within Design Space. This will take you to another page that shows all of your connected machines as well as any unconnected machines that are nearby.

Click on “Connect” next to your Cricut Expression in order to connect it with Design Space. You should see confirmation that it has been connected successfully once this process is complete. At this point, you are now ready to start creating projects using Design Space with your Cricut Expression!


Connecting your Cricut Expression to a computer is relatively simple when following these steps – locate the USB port on the back of the machine; plug one end of a USB cable into this port; plug the other end into an available USB port on your computer; turn on your machine; open up Design Space from within a web browser; log in or sign up for an account; click “My Machines”; click “Connect” next to your machine; and confirm it has been connected successfully. Now you can begin creating projects with ease!