How Do I Connect My Cricut Personal to My Computer?

Connecting your Cricut Personal to your computer is an easy process. It only requires a few steps and you’ll be ready to create amazing projects with your Cricut cutter.

First, you’ll need to make sure that the Cricut Personal is connected to a power source, as well as connected to your computer with the USB cable provided. Once both are connected, you’ll need to install the Cricut driver software on your computer. The driver software can be found on the Cricut website or in the box of the machine itself.

Once installed, you’ll need to open up the Cricut Design Studio software that comes with the machine. This will allow you to design and cut out any shapes or images that you’d like for your projects.

When you have finished designing and are ready to cut, select “Cut” from the drop down menu and then choose “Connect” from the list of options.

The next step is to choose which port (USB) that you would like to connect your Cricut Personal to. You should see a list of available ports on your computer screen. Select one and click “OK”. The Cricut Personal should now be connected and ready for use.


Connecting a Cricut Personal cutter to a computer is relatively easy and straightforward. After connecting it with a USB cord, installing the driver software, opening up Design Studio, and selecting an available port for connection – you will be able to start creating amazing projects. With its precision cutting capabilities, it’s no wonder so many people choose a Cricut Personal for their crafting needs.