How Do I Add Fonts to Silhouette Studio?

Adding fonts to Silhouette Studio is a great way to customize your projects and create unique designs. It allows you to express yourself in ways that the pre-installed fonts may not be able to do. The process of adding fonts is quite easy and straightforward, allowing even the most novice of users to get started quickly and easily.

The first step in adding fonts to Silhouette Studio is to download them from a reputable source. There are many free font websites available online, such as,, and, which offer thousands of free fonts in various styles and categories. Once you find the font you want, you can download it directly from the website or save it onto your computer.

Once you have downloaded the font, you will need to install it onto your computer before it can be used in Silhouette Studio.

To do this, open the downloaded folder and double-click on the font file. This will open a window where you can install the font onto your computer by clicking on “Install”.

After installing the font onto your computer, open up Silhouette Studio and click on “Text” in the left toolbar. This will bring up a text box where you can type out what you would like your design to say. At this point, if you click on “Fonts” at the top of the text box, a drop-down menu should appear with all of the fonts that are currently installed onto your computer.

Once you have chosen the desired font from this list, simply type out what you would like your design to say and press “enter” when finished. Your text should now appear with the chosen font style applied.

Adding fonts to Silhouette Studio is an easy process that anyone can accomplish with just a few simple steps. By downloading a desired font from an online source, installing it onto their computer, and then selecting it within Silhouette Studio’s Text toolbox; users will be able to customize their projects with ease!