How Do I Import Fonts Into Silhouette Studio?

If you want to make the most out of your Silhouette Studio software, you need to understand how to use fonts in the program. Fonts can dramatically enhance the look of your projects and give them a unique visual appeal. Fortunately, it is easy to import fonts into Silhouette Studio.

To begin, you should first locate the font file that you want to use on your computer. Most font files will have a .ttf or .otf extension and can be found in your computer’s Fonts folder. Once you have located the correct font file, you will need to copy it onto a flash drive or other storage device so that it can be accessed by your Silhouette machine.

When you have the font file safely stored on an external device, plug it into your computer and launch Silhouette Studio.

In the top menu bar, select “File” then “Import” and finally “Import To Library” from the drop-down menu. You will then be prompted to locate the font file on your external device.

Once you have selected the file, click “Open” and Silhouette Studio will automatically install and register it in its library. Now when you go to select fonts from within Silhouette Studio, your newly imported fonts should appear in the list alongside any pre-installed fonts.


Importing fonts into Silhouette Studio is a straightforward process that requires little technical knowledge or effort. All that is needed is an external storage device such as a flash drive and access to a compatible font file with either a .otf extension. Once these two steps are completed, simply launch Silhouette Studio, select “File” then “Import” and finally “Import To Library” from the drop-down menu before locating and opening up the desired font file.

In this way, users can easily import new fonts into their Silhouette Studio software for use in their projects and create unique designs with ease.