How Did Industrial Revolution Changed the Architecture and Interior Design?

The Industrial Revolution completely revolutionized the way people viewed architecture and interior design. This period of history saw a shift from traditional, handmade products to mass produced and more affordable materials. This change allowed for more accessible housing, and an expansive range of interior design options.

The introduction of machines meant that production times were reduced drastically and this led to new manufacturing techniques. For the first time in history, many items could be mass produced in factories which provided a much cheaper option than hand-crafted goods. This meant that people could now afford to purchase items for their homes that were out of their reach before.

With this newfound affordability came a range of different styles, shapes and colors for interior design. As well as being able to afford quality items, people now had the ability to choose from a variety of looks for their homes. This allowed them to customize their own interiors and make them uniquely their own.

Architecture also benefited from the industrial revolution with advances in technology allowing for the building of larger structures with much less effort than before. The invention of steel, reinforced concrete and other such materials meant that architects could create buildings that were taller, stronger and more structurally sound than ever before. These advances allowed buildings to become much more elaborate with intricate designs that would not have been possible without modern technology.


The industrial revolution completely changed the way people viewed architecture and interior design by introducing new materials and manufacturing techniques which made these items more affordable and easier to produce in large quantities. It also gave people greater freedom to customize their homes with a vast array of different styles, shapes and colors for interior design as well as allowing architects to create buildings with intricate designs thanks to advances in technology.