How Has Industrial Revolution Changed the Course of Design?

The industrial revolution has changed the course of design in a way that no other event in history has been able to. Since the start of the industrial revolution, designers have had access to new materials, tools, and techniques. This newfound ability to create and innovate has allowed them to develop products that were not previously possible.

The industrial revolution was a period of great change for designers. It enabled them to produce higher quality products at a much faster rate than ever before.

This meant that they could focus more on the aesthetic aspects of their designs rather than solely on functionality. As a result, many of the iconic designs we see today were created during this period.

The industrial revolution also allowed for mass production which made it possible for people all over the world to access these products easily and cheaply. This meant that anyone could afford items such as furniture, clothing, and appliances that would have previously been out of reach due to their cost or availability. This increased access enabled designers to create products geared towards a larger audience which helped promote their work further and reach more people than ever before.

The industrial revolution also opened up new markets for designers as it allowed them to explore areas such as advertising and packaging design which would have been impossible prior to this period in history. By utilizing these new mediums they were able to communicate their vision with a wider audience and spread their work even further than before.

Finally, the industrial revolution gave birth to many revolutionary ideas such as ergonomics which designers use today when creating products for both form and function. The idea was put forward by Frederick Winslow Taylor who believed that efficient processes should be used when creating products so that they could be used in an easier manner by people all over the world regardless of size or strength level. This idea has gone on to shape modern product design significantly by allowing designers from all fields a greater understanding of how people interact with objects in order for them to create better products overall.

Overall, it is clear that the industrial revolution has had an immense impact on design throughout history and continues to do so today by providing designers with new materials, tools, techniques, markets, ideas etc that help shape our world through design every day.


The industrial revolution has undeniably changed the course of design by providing designers with new materials, tools, techniques, markets, ideas etc allowing them greater freedom when creating products from furniture and clothing through to advertising and packaging design.