How Did Industrial Design Start?

Industrial design is a creative process of designing products, services and systems that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines engineering, art, and business to create products and services that meet the needs of consumers. Industrial design has its roots in the Industrial Revolution, when new technologies enabled mass production of goods for the first time.

During the late eighteenth century, industrial production began with the invention of machines such as the steam engine and spinning jenny. This enabled manufacturers to produce large quantities of goods at a fraction of the cost it took to make them by hand.

As production increased, it was important to find efficient ways to package and transport these goods. This led to innovations such as standardized containers and packaging materials, which allowed manufacturers to ship their products more easily.

In addition to making production more efficient, industrial designers began to focus on making products more attractive and user-friendly. They developed concepts such as ergonomics – designing products with shapes that fit comfortably in a person’s hands – as well as aesthetics – creating visual appeal in both form and function. This combination of utility and beauty transformed industrial design from merely functional objects into works of art.

Today, industrial designers continue to push the boundaries of product design with new materials like plastics, composites, metals and electronics. They work closely with engineers to develop innovative solutions for consumer needs while also keeping an eye on trends in art and culture. The result is an ever-evolving landscape of consumer products that are both useful and beautiful.


Industrial design has come a long way since its beginnings during the Industrial Revolution when machines enabled mass production for the first time. Today’s industrial designers continue this tradition by creating useful yet beautiful products through a combination of engineering, aesthetics, ergonomics and trend research.

From transportation systems to consumer electronics – how did industrial design start? It started with a desire to make life easier through innovation and creativity!