Does UCI Have a Graphic Design Program?

The University of California Irvine (UCI) is one of the most prestigious public universities in the United States. UCI is known for its world-class research and educational programs, and it’s no surprise that students from all over the world flock to study here.

So, does UCI have a Graphic Design Program?

The answer is yes! UCI offers a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts with an emphasis on Graphic Design.

This program provides students with comprehensive training in graphic design principles and techniques, including vector-based illustration, typography, layout, branding, web design, color theory and more. The curriculum also includes courses in photography and digital media production. Students will have the opportunity to develop their portfolio through hands-on projects that involve working with clients.

In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree program, UCI also offers a minor in Graphic Design which is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major. This minor program gives students an introduction to fundamentals of visual communication while providing them with the skills they need to create unique visual designs.

At UCI students can also take advantage of additional resources such as workshops and seminars offered by industry professionals, internships at local design firms and businesses, as well as other opportunities for networking with potential employers. The school also has a highly reputable career center that helps students prepare for their future job searches.


UCI definitely has a Graphic Design Program for those interested in pursuing this field. The school provides an excellent curriculum that covers all aspects of graphic design from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Additionally, there are many resources available through the university that can help students further develop their skillset and prepare them for the job market after graduation.