Does Ohio State Have Industrial Design?

Ohio State University is a renowned institution located in Columbus, Ohio. As one of the largest universities in the United States, Ohio State offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. For many students, it is an ideal choice for pursuing their educational goals.

One of the most popular fields of study at Ohio State is industrial design. Industrial design applies principles from engineering, art and other disciplines to create products that are both attractive and functional. It involves the development of product design from concept to commercialization.

At Ohio State, there are several opportunities for students interested in industrial design. The Department of Design offers a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design that focuses on the development and execution of product design from concept to completion.

Students will learn how to use computer-aided drafting (CAD) software as well as other traditional tools such as clay modeling, woodworking and metalworking. Students will also have the opportunity to explore topics such as ergonomics, materials science and manufacturing processes.

The Department also offers a Master of Science in Industrial Design which provides advanced knowledge and skills in product development and engineering principles. This program includes courses covering topics such as advanced CAD/CAM technologies, production processes and quality systems. Students can choose from various concentrations within the program including medical device design, transportation design or consumer products.

In conclusion, it is clear that Ohio State has a comprehensive program for those interested in industrial design. With both undergraduate and graduate programs available, students can gain valuable knowledge and experience in this field that can help them reach their goals. With courses focusing on computer-aided drafting software, materials science and manufacturing processes, Ohio State is well equipped to teach students about this rapidly growing field.