Does UBC Have Industrial Design?

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is the oldest university in British Columbia, Canada. With over 50,000 students enrolled, UBC offers a wide range of degree programs and is home to many renowned research institutes. But does UBC have industrial design?

The answer is yes! UBC offers a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design (BDes ID) program.

This program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to design products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Students will also learn how to create innovative solutions to complex problems through human-centred design principles. The program culminates with a final capstone project, where students work with industry partners to develop their own product concept.

The Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design at UBC provides students with the opportunity to gain experience designing for a variety of industries such as medical technology, aerospace engineering, consumer electronics and more. Students will also be exposed to different aspects of product development including materials selection, prototyping techniques, manufacturing processes and product marketing.

In addition to the BDes ID program, UBC also offers an Industrial Design Minor for students enrolled in other programs who wish to gain additional knowledge and skills in industrial design. This minor covers topics such as ergonomics, product safety, 3D modeling software and more.


So yes, the University of British Columbia does offer Industrial Design programs for those interested in pursuing this field. The Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design provides an excellent foundation for those looking to pursue a career in industrial design while the Industrial Design Minor is perfect for students looking for an additional area of expertise.