Does NAU Offer Graphic Design?

National American University (NAU) offers numerous degree programs for students to choose from, including an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design. The program is designed to provide students the latest industry knowledge and skills that will help them succeed professionally. With the degree, students can develop a portfolio to demonstrate their expertise in graphic design and marketing principles.

The Graphic Design program covers topics such as web design, typography, photography, and illustration. Students learn how to create effective designs using software such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

They also learn how to analyze client needs and work with clients to develop effective visual solutions. The program also teaches students how to create digital presentations and use software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

In addition to the core courses of the program, NAU offers classes in digital media production and animation. These classes allow students to explore different aspects of digital media production such as audio editing, video production, motion graphics, 3D modeling, digital painting, and more.

At NAU’s campuses across the United States and online through its virtual campus platform MyNAU Online Campus (MOC), students can access student support services such as academic advisors and career counselors who help them choose classes that best suit their interests and goals. Additionally, the university provides access to a library of resources including textbooks and journals for further study.

Conclusion: Yes, National American University does offer a degree in Graphic Design for those interested in pursuing a career in this field or honing their current skillset. Through core courses, electives offered through MOC (MyNAU Online Campus) platform , as well as student support services like academic advisors or career counselors available at any of NAU’s campuses across the country or online, students have all they need to become successful professionals in this field.