Does Ivy Tech Have a Graphic Design Program?

Ivy Tech is one of the largest public postsecondary educational institutions in the United States. They offer an expansive range of academic and technical programs from certificates to associate degrees, baccalaureate degrees and even master’s degrees.

One field that Ivy Tech offers educational opportunities in is graphic design. Graphic design is a creative field that involves the use of visual elements like graphics, typography, images, and colors to communicate messages or ideas. It is used in all types of media including websites, magazines, books, and other publications.

At Ivy Tech, students can choose from a variety of graphic design programs including Associate’s Degrees in Design Technology or Applied Science as well as certificates in Web Design & Development or Graphic Design & Publishing. Each program will give students a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design as well as an introduction to the tools and techniques used by professional designers. Students will also learn about digital imaging, typography, layout principles, color theory and more.

The programs at Ivy Tech also prepare students for entry-level positions in the field with courses like Adobe Creative Suite Software Training which covers Photoshop and Illustrator; HTML/CSS web development; animation principles; and more. In addition to these courses, some schools offer portfolio reviews to help students create a strong portfolio for prospective employers.

Whether you are looking for an introduction to the field or want to pursue a career in graphic design, Ivy Tech has something to offer everyone. With its diverse selection of courses and programs, you can be sure you will find something that meets your needs and interests.

Conclusion: Yes, Ivy Tech has several different options when it comes to pursuing a degree or certificate in graphic design. From Associate’s Degrees in Design Technology or Applied Sciences to certificates in Web Design & Development or Graphic Design & Publishing – there is something for everyone at Ivy Tech!