Do You Need Different Housing for Cricut Blades?

If you’re a crafter looking to purchase a Cricut machine, you’ve likely asked yourself whether or not you need different housing for Cricut blades. The answer is yes—different Cricut blades require different types of housing in order to function properly. While the housing doesn’t necessarily affect the performance of the blade, it’s important to note that some blades aren’t compatible with certain housings.

Types of Cricut Machine Blades

Cricut machines use various types of blades, depending on what type of material you’re cutting. The most popular types of blades for Cricut machines are: rotary blade, deep-cut blade, standard-grip blade and scoring wheel.

Each blade requires its own type of housing in order to function properly. For example, the rotary blade needs a specific type of housing that’s designed for it in order to cut fabric effectively.

Types of Cricut Machine Housings

The type of housing you need for your Cricut machine will depend on the type of blade being used. Generally speaking, there are three main types of housings: standard-grip housings, deep-cut housings and scoring wheel housings. Each type is designed specifically for its respective blade and should not be used with any other type of blade.

Choosing the Right Housing

When selecting a housing for your Cricut machine, it’s important to make sure that it is compatible with your specific blade. To determine which one is right for your machine and project, refer to your user manual or contact the manufacturer directly. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your machine and avoid any potential damage from using an incompatible housing with a particular blade.

Conclusion: In conclusion, it is necessary to use different types of housing depending on the kind of Cricut blades being used in order for them to work properly and efficiently. It is important to choose the right kind according to your user manual or by contacting the manufacturer directly as incompatible housings may potentially cause damage to certain blades or hinder their performance significantly.