Do I Need Housing for Every Cricut Blade?

Using a Cricut machine is a great way to create unique and complex designs with ease. The cutting blades can be swapped out to accommodate different types of materials, but there is often confusion about the need for a housing unit for each blade. The answer depends on the type of blade you are using and the material you are cutting.

Standard Blades

The standard blades used with Cricut machines do not require a housing unit. This is because they are designed to remain in the machine while cutting and do not need additional protection. The design of these blades allows them to remain secure in the machine without extra support.

Deep Cut Blades

Deep cut blades are used for cutting thicker materials, such as fabric, leather, or card stock. These blades require their own housing units in order to protect them from damage caused by thicker materials. Without a housing unit, deep cut blades can become dull quickly or even break due to excessive force.

Rotary Blades

Rotary blades are intended for use with fabrics and require their own housing units. This is because they rotate at high speeds and must be securely attached in order to function properly. Without a housing unit, rotary blades can become loose or even fly out of the machine during operation, which can cause serious injury or damage.

Adaptive Tool System (ATS) Blades

The Adaptive Tool System (ATS) from Cricut is a new system that requires its own blade holder.

This holder provides additional protection to the ATS blade as it adjusts its angle automatically during operation.

. In conclusion, whether or not you need a housing unit for your Cricut blade depends on which type of blade you are using and what type of material you plan on cutting. Standard blades do not require any additional protection, whereas deep cut, rotary, and ATS blades all need their own housing units in order to function safely and effectively.