Why Is My Cricut Not Cutting Through Glitter Iron On?

Making a design using your Cricut machine is an exciting way to customize apparel, home décor, and other projects. But when it comes to glitter iron on material, you may find that your Cricut isn’t cutting through the material.

This can be frustrating, especially if you’ve spent time and money on the project. The good news is that there are a few different things you can try in order to get your Cricut to cut through glitter iron on.

Check the Material Setting
The first thing you should do is check the material setting in your Cricut software. Different materials require different settings in order for them to be properly cut. If you set the wrong material type, then your Cricut won’t cut through the glitter iron on.

Adjust the Blade
If the material setting is correct but your Cricut still isn’t cutting through the glitter iron on, then you may need to adjust the blade. The blade should be adjusted according to the thickness of the material you’re using. If it’s too low, then it won’t be able to cut through thicker materials like glitter iron on.

Increase Pressure
Another way to get your Cricut to cut through glitter iron on is by increasing pressure. Increasing pressure will allow for a deeper and more precise cut than if you were using regular pressure settings. You can increase pressure by adjusting the pressure knob on your machine or by going into the settings menu in your software.

Turn Off Auto-Release

Finally, if all else fails, try turning off auto-release in your software. Auto-release is a feature that helps with sharp corners and intricate designs but can also cause issues when trying to cut thicker materials like glitter iron on. Turning off auto-release will allow for more precise cuts and may help get your Cricut cutting through glitter iron on.


With some troubleshooting and adjustments, it is possible for most Cricuts to successfully cut through glitter iron on. Check that you have set up the correct material type in your software and adjust both blade depth and pressure as needed. If all else fails, consider turning off auto-release as this feature can sometimes interfere with thicker materials such as glitter iron on.