Why Is Gucci Spray Painted on Balenciaga?

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you may have noticed something peculiar on the latest creations from Balenciaga. The luxury fashion house has been spray painting the word “Gucci” on some of its pieces, leaving fashionistas wondering what’s going on. In this article, we will explore why Balenciaga is spray painting Gucci on their designs.

The Collaboration that Shook the Fashion World

The first thing to note is that Balenciaga and Gucci are not competitors; they are both luxury brands under Kering Group. Recently, however, they collaborated on a new project that shook the fashion world: A$AP Rocky’s AWGE x Needles collection.

The Inspiration Behind the Collaboration

The collaboration was inspired by vintage clothing and rap music from the 90s. It features a range of pieces including tracksuits, denim jackets, and jeans. But what makes this collection unique is that it features two different luxury brands working together.

The Spray Painted Detail

One of the standout features of this collection is the use of graffiti-style spray-painted details. And it’s not just any graffiti; it’s specifically Gucci’s logo that has been spray-painted onto some of Balenciaga’s pieces.

Why Spray Paint Gucci?

So why did Balenciaga choose to use Gucci’s logo for their collaboration? The answer lies in the concept of appropriation in art and fashion.

Appropriation in Art and Fashion

Appropriation is a common technique in art and fashion where one artist or designer takes elements from another work to create something new. It can be controversial because it blurs the line between inspiration and plagiarism.

Balenciaga’s Take on Appropriation

Balenciaga has been known for their take on appropriation for years. They’ve taken inspiration from everything, from IKEA’s iconic blue bag to the Bernie Sanders campaign logo. In this case, they’ve taken Gucci’s iconic logo and spray-painted it onto their designs.

The Message Behind the Spray Paint

The message behind the spray paint is that fashion is not just about labels or logos, but also about creativity and expression. Balenciaga is saying that they can take Gucci’s logo and make it their own by incorporating it into their designs in a new and unexpected way.


In conclusion, Balenciaga’s decision to spray paint Gucci on their designs was a bold move that paid off. It was a clever way of incorporating another luxury brand into their collaboration while also making a statement about appropriation in art and fashion. Whether or not this trend will continue remains to be seen, but for now, we can enjoy the unique pieces created by this iconic collaboration.