Who Tried Killing Gucci?

In 1995, the fashion world was shaken by an event that almost took the life of the legendary designer, Guccio Gucci. The attempted murder sent shockwaves through the industry, and rumors quickly spread about who might be responsible for such a heinous act.

The Background

Gucci had been enjoying a successful career in the fashion industry for several decades. The Italian designer had founded his namesake brand in 1921, which quickly became known for its luxurious and high-quality products. However, by the 1980s, Gucci was facing financial troubles and internal conflicts within his own company.

In 1989, Maurizio Gucci, one of Guccio’s grandsons, became the CEO of the company after orchestrating a hostile takeover. This led to a bitter feud between Maurizio and other family members who felt they had been unfairly excluded from the business.

The Attempted Murder

On March 27th, 1995, Guccio Gucci was shot outside his Milanese apartment building. The bullet narrowly missed his heart but caused serious injuries to his abdomen. However, despite being in critical condition for several days following the shooting, Gucci ultimately survived.

The investigation into the incident quickly turned up several suspects. One of these was Pina Auriemma, a former employee of Maurizio’s who had been fired from her position at the company. Auriemma had also been previously convicted of fraud and embezzlement.

Another suspect was Benedetto Ceraulo, a member of an organized crime syndicate with links to both Maurizio and Auriemma. Ceraulo had also been involved in several other high-profile murders in Italy during this time period.

Eventually, both Auriemma and Ceraulo were arrested and charged with attempted murder. However, it remains unclear who exactly orchestrated the plot or what their motives were.

The Aftermath

The attempted murder of Guccio Gucci sent shockwaves through the fashion industry and drew international attention to the brand. The incident also highlighted the ongoing conflict between various members of the Gucci family and their associates.

In the years following the shooting, Maurizio Gucci’s control over the company waned, and he was eventually forced out in 1993. He later went on to sell his stake in the company to an investment group, which ultimately led to its acquisition by French luxury conglomerate Kering.

Today, Gucci remains one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in fashion, known for its bold designs and luxurious products. However, the attempted murder of its founder serves as a reminder of the darker side of this glamorous industry.


The attempted murder of Guccio Gucci remains one of the most shocking events in fashion history. While we may never know exactly who was responsible for this heinous act or why they did it, it serves as a reminder that even the most glamorous industries can have a dark underbelly. Today, Gucci continues to thrive as a symbol of luxury and high fashion, but we should never forget the legacy of its founder and what he endured in his final years.