Who Is the Head Designer of Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion brand that has been around since 1854. With a rich history and reputation for quality, it’s no wonder that the head designer of Louis Vuitton is a highly respected position. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at who currently holds this esteemed title.

The Current Head Designer

The current head designer of Louis Vuitton is Nicolas Ghesquière. He was appointed to this position in 2013, succeeding Marc Jacobs, who had been the head designer for 16 years.

Early Career

Ghesquière was born in Comines, France in 1971. He began his career in fashion as an intern at Agnès B while still in high school. He then worked as an assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier before joining Balenciaga in 1995 as a designer.

Balenciaga Years

Ghesquière worked at Balenciaga for 15 years before leaving to join Louis Vuitton. During his time at Balenciaga, he gained recognition for his innovative designs and use of technology in fashion. His work was often described as futuristic and he was known for his ability to mix different materials and textures.

Design Philosophy

Ghesquière’s design philosophy is centered around creating modern and innovative designs that are still grounded in tradition. He believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone and has been known to incorporate streetwear elements into his designs.

Influence on Louis Vuitton

Since joining Louis Vuitton, Ghesquière has brought his unique perspective to the brand. He has continued the tradition of quality craftsmanship while also pushing the boundaries with new materials and techniques. His designs have been well-received by both critics and consumers alike.

Notable Collections

Some of Ghesquière’s most notable collections at Louis Vuitton include the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which was inspired by the 1970s and featured bold prints and bright colors, and the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, which was a tribute to the late French designer Jeanne Lanvin.


Nicolas Ghesquière is a highly respected figure in the fashion industry and has brought his unique perspective to Louis Vuitton as the head designer. His innovative designs have helped to keep the brand fresh while still maintaining its reputation for quality. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.