Who Does the Design on Home Town?

Home Town is an HGTV series that follows the renovation of homes in small towns across America. The show’s two hosts, married couple Ben and Erin Napier, put their design skills to work to bring old homes back to life. As professional designers, Ben and Erin have a keen eye for detail and they are able to transform even the most neglected homes into something truly special.

The Napiers’ design approach focuses on preserving the original character of each home while also making it more functional for modern living. They draw inspiration from the history of each property and use materials that are true to the era in which it was built. This approach allows them to give each home a unique look that blends classic style with modern accents.

The couple works alongside local contractors and artisans who help them bring their designs to life. They also enlist the help of family members and friends who often have special skills or connections in the area. These people help add a personal touch to each project, creating a sense of community and connection between homeowners and their homes.

The show has become increasingly popular due to its unique approach and focus on preservation. Fans love seeing how Ben and Erin transform these homes into something beautiful while still keeping their original charm intact. While many renovation shows focus on dramatic transformations, Home Town takes a more subtle approach that respects the past while creating something new for the future.

Ben is an architect by profession, so he brings his expertise in design to each project along with his knowledge of construction techniques. He’s able to create custom designs that fit into each space perfectly while also staying true to the character of the home itself.

Erin is a master decorator, so she adds her own creative touches with her eye for color, texture, and layering elements together in unexpected ways. Together, they create stunning designs that are both classic and modern at once.

Who Does The Design On Home Town? Ben and Erin Napier are responsible for all of the design decisions made on Home Town! They work together as a team to come up with creative solutions that make each home look its best while still honoring its original character.

Conclusion: Home Town is loved by viewers for its unique approach towards home renovations; respecting history while creating something new for future generations! Ben Napier’s architectural expertise paired with Erin’s master decorating skills makes them both ideal candidates for designing these beautiful homes!