Who Created the iPod Silhouette?

The iPod Silhouette is one of the most recognizable and iconic logos in modern culture. It was created by an Apple designer named Jonathan Ive in 2001 for the first generation of iPods.

Ive, who is now Apple’s chief design officer, was inspired by the shape of a scroll wheel on an old Sony portable CD player when he designed the iPod Silhouette.

The iPod Silhouette design has become so popular that it has been adapted and used in many different contexts. It has been spotted in advertising campaigns, fashion shows, television shows and even on tattoos. There is even a version of the logo that has been turned into an emoji.

The iPod Silhouette logo has become so iconic that it has also spawned many variations and adaptations. For example, there are versions of the logo with different colors, different sizes or even with a person’s face instead of the traditional circle. There have even been versions where the traditional circle is replaced by a person’s hand.

For those who are fans of Apple products, the iPod Silhouette logo is a reminder of where it all began – with Jonathan Ive’s simple yet effective design for Apple’s first generation of iPods.


Jonathan Ive is credited as being the creator of the iconic iPod Silhouette logo which has become one of modern culture’s most recognizable logos. His simple yet effective design was inspired by a scroll wheel on an old Sony portable CD player and since its creation it has spawned many variations and adaptations across different media platforms.