Who Are Hermes Brothers and Sisters?

Have you ever heard of the Hermes Brothers and Sisters? They are a group of deities in Greek mythology who are said to be the children of Zeus and the nymph Maia.

The most famous among them is Hermes, who is known as the god of commerce, thieves, travelers, and sports. However, there are several other siblings who are equally fascinating and important in their own right.


Let’s start with the most well-known sibling – Hermes. He is often depicted wearing a winged hat and sandals, which allow him to move quickly from place to place.

He also carries a caduceus, a staff with two snakes wrapped around it, which is a symbol of commerce. As the god of commerce, he was responsible for overseeing trade between different cities and ensuring that merchants were treated fairly.

In addition to his role as the god of commerce, Hermes was also considered the patron of thieves. This may seem like an odd combination at first glance, but it makes sense when you consider that many ancient merchants were also smugglers or black market traders.


Another important sibling is Argeiphontes. This name means “the slayer of Argus,” which refers to an incident in which Hermes killed a giant with a hundred eyes who had been sent by Hera to watch over one of Zeus’ love affairs. Argeiphontes was also associated with agriculture and fertility.


Eudora was one of Hermes’ sisters and was considered the goddess of luck or good fortune. She was often depicted holding a cornucopia or horn of plenty, which symbolized abundance and prosperity.


Abderus was another brother of Hermes who is less well-known than some of his siblings. He was said to be a close friend of Heracles (also known as Hercules) and was killed by the Mares of Diomedes while helping Heracles complete one of his famous labors.


Peitho was a sister of Hermes who was associated with persuasion and seduction. She was often depicted holding a flower or wearing a wreath made of myrtle leaves, which were thought to have aphrodisiac properties.


Finally, Tyche was another sister of Hermes who was associated with luck and fortune. She was often depicted holding a rudder or wheel, which symbolized the ups and downs of life’s journey.


In conclusion, the Hermes Brothers and Sisters are an interesting group of deities in Greek mythology. Although Hermes is certainly the most famous among them, each sibling has their own unique story and significance. Whether you are interested in commerce, agriculture, luck, or persuasion, there is likely a sibling among the Hermes clan who you can relate to.