Which Movie Took Home the Oscar for Best Costume Design?

The 2020 Academy Awards were a unique one, as the ceremony took place from multiple locations due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the changes, the show still went on and many awards were handed out. One of these awards was for Best Costume Design.

This year, there were five nominees for Best Costume Design: “Emma” by Alexandra Byrne, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” by Ann Roth, “Mank” by Trish Summerville, “Mulan” by Bina Daigeler and “Joker” by Mark Bridges. Each of these films had costumes that truly brought the characters to life with intricate detail and color palettes that set the tone for each movie.

The winner of this award went to Mark Bridges for his work on Joker. His costume design was able to capture the essence of Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix) and take us through his transformation into Joker. From his drab clown outfit to his iconic look in the end, Bridges was able to create a character who stands out from all other comic book characters on screen.

The other four nominees all had their own unique style that could have easily won this award too. Alexandra Byrne’s costume design for Emma gave us a glimpse into 19th-century English fashion with stunning detail and vibrant colors that made each character pop off the screen.

Ann Roth’s work on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom transported us back to 1920s Chicago with its use of period-accurate costumes that really brought the story alive. Trish Summerville’s design in Mank was a visual feast of 1930s Hollywood fashion while Bina Daigeler gave us an incredible look at ancient Chinese armor and gowns in Mulan.

In the end, it was Mark Bridges’ costume design for Joker that took home the Oscar for Best Costume Design at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. His work truly brought Arthur Fleck’s journey from a meek clown to an iconic villain alive with attention to detail and creativity that has never been seen before on screen.

Conclusion: At this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, Mark Bridges’ costume design for Joker took home the Oscar for Best Costume Design due its ability to bring Arthur Fleck’s transformation into Joker alive with attention to detail and creativity never seen before on screen.