Which Louis Vuitton Wallet Has the Most Card Slots?

If you’re in the market for a new Louis Vuitton wallet, one of the most important factors to consider is how many card slots it has. After all, a wallet with too few slots may leave you struggling to fit all of your cards and IDs, while a wallet with too many slots might feel bulky and overwhelming.

So which Louis Vuitton wallet has the most card slots? Let’s take a closer look.

The Zippy Wallet

One of the most popular Louis Vuitton wallets is the Zippy Wallet, which is known for its spaciousness and practicality. This wallet features 12 credit card slots, which should be plenty for most people’s everyday needs. In addition to the card slots, there are also two large compartments for bills and receipts, as well as a zippered coin pocket.

The Multiple Wallet

Another option to consider is the Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet. This wallet features six credit card slots on each side, for a total of 12 slots.

While this may not be as many as some other options on the market, it should still be enough for most people’s needs. The Multiple Wallet also includes two bill compartments and two additional pockets for storing receipts or other small items.

The Sarah Wallet

For those looking for even more card storage space in their Louis Vuitton wallet, the Sarah Wallet might be worth considering. This wallet features 16 credit card slots, making it one of the most spacious options available from the brand. In addition to the card slots, there are also two bill compartments and a zippered coin pocket.


Ultimately, when it comes to choosing a Louis Vuitton wallet with plenty of card storage space, there are several great options available. The Zippy Wallet and Multiple Wallet both offer ample space without feeling too bulky or overwhelming, while the Sarah Wallet provides even more space for those who need it. Whatever your needs may be, Louis Vuitton has a wallet that can meet them.