Which Cricut Writing Fonts Are Free?

Cricut writing fonts are a great way to add a creative and personalized touch to any project. The Cricut Writing Fonts allow you to create custom text for your projects with a wide variety of styles and designs. Whether you want to add a bit of flair or create something unique, Cricut Writing Fonts are an excellent choice.

Which Cricut Writing Fonts Are Free?
The great news is that many of the fonts offered by Cricut are free, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect font for your project. Some of the most popular free Cricut Writing Fonts include Sansita, Bauhaus 93, Lobster Two, Open Sans, Montserrat, and Roboto Slab. Each font has its own unique style and appeal, so take some time to explore all the options available.

Sansita is an art deco font that is perfect for adding a vintage vibe to your project. It features bold capital letters that stand out without being too overwhelming or overbearing. Sansita can be used for everything from wedding invitations to business cards and more.

Bauhaus 93 is another popular free font from Cricut Writing Fonts collection. This classic font is perfect for creating elegant yet eye-catching designs that will make any project look professional and polished. Its thin lines also make it great for adding texture and depth without being too busy or distracting.

Lobster Two is a fun yet stylish script font that looks great on both digital and print projects alike. It has an easy-to-read style with plenty of character, making it ideal for signage, logos, posters, flyers, and more.

Open Sans is an incredibly versatile sans serif font that works well in almost any situation. Its thick lines make it stand out without being too overwhelming or overbearing while still keeping its readability intact. Open Sans can be used on anything from websites to business cards and more with ease.

Montserrat is a modern sans serif font with plenty of personality. Its bold capital letters add an air of sophistication while its tall x-height makes it easy to read even at small sizes on digital devices like phones or tablets. Montserrat can be used in all sorts of projects from logos to book covers and beyond with ease!

Roboto Slab is a classic slab serif font that has been around since 2011 but still holds up today as one of the most popular fonts in the world! Its thick blocky letters have a traditional feel while still looking modern enough for web design projects as well as print pieces like brochures or postcards.

In conclusion, there are many free Cricut Writing Fonts available that can give your project the perfect personalized touch! From vintage art deco fonts like Sansita to modern slabs like Roboto Slab there’s something for everyone no matter what type of project you’re working on!