Where Is Course a for Prada Cup?

If you’re a sailing enthusiast or simply following the America’s Cup, you may be wondering where Course A is for the Prada Cup. This article will provide you with all the necessary information to keep up with the latest updates on this exciting event.

What is the Prada Cup?

The Prada Cup is a series of races that determine which team will challenge the current holder, Emirates Team New Zealand, for the America’s Cup. The competition involves three teams: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, American Magic, and INEOS Team UK.

What is Course A?

Course A is one of four possible courses that can be used during racing in Auckland’s Waitematā Harbour. Each course has its own unique challenges and requires different tactics from sailors.

Why is Course A Important?

Course A has been dubbed as the “money course” due to its proximity to land and grandstands. This makes it an exciting viewing experience for spectators and a challenging course for sailors.

Where is Course A Located?

Course A is located near North Head on Auckland’s North Shore. It runs parallel to Cheltenham Beach and extends towards Rangitoto Island.

When Will Course A be Used?

The use of Course A depends on various factors such as wind direction, tide, and weather conditions. The race director will decide which course to use based on these factors before each race day.

  • If winds are from the north-east or east, Course C will be used.
  • If winds are from the north-west or west, Course D will be used.
  • If winds are from the south-west or south-east, either Course B or A can be used depending on tide conditions.

How to Watch the Races?

The Prada Cup races can be watched live on various channels such as Sky Sport and TVNZ. If you’re in Auckland, you can also purchase tickets to watch the races from designated spectator areas.


In summary, Course A is an important and exciting course for both sailors and spectators during the Prada Cup races. Its location and challenges make it a must-watch for anyone following the event. Keep an eye out for updates on which course will be used before each race day.