Where Is Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Ship Now?

The Celebrity Silhouette is a luxurious cruise ship operated by Celebrity Cruises. It is one of the most popular cruise ships in the world, and is known for its opulent amenities and spacious staterooms. The ship has been in service since 2011, and has been making regular trips all over the world since then.

The Celebrity Silhouette offers passengers a wide range of activities and experiences, from relaxing spa treatments to exciting shore excursions. Passengers can also take advantage of the many restaurants on board, offering cuisine from all over the world, as well as bars, lounges and entertainment venues. The ship also features multiple pools, a gym and fitness centre, an open-air cinema and an adults-only solarium area.

The Celebrity Silhouette is currently sailing around Europe on its ‘Grand Mediterranean’ voyage. It departed from Rome on April 18th 2021 and will visit ports in Italy, France, Spain, Croatia and Greece before returning to Rome on May 8th 2021. During this voyage passengers can explore some of the most beautiful cities in Europe while being surrounded by luxury onboard the ship.

The Celebrity Silhouette will then embark on a ‘Jewels of Europe’ voyage departing from Amsterdam on May 12th 2021. This voyage will take passengers to cities in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden before returning to Amsterdam on June 5th 2021. Passengers will have plenty of time to explore these beautiful cities while enjoying all the luxurious amenities onboard the ship during their journey.

After this voyage, the Celebrity Silhouette will depart from Barcelona for a ‘Mediterranean Escape’ journey that will take passengers around Spain before ending in Rome on July 3rd 2021. This trip promises to be a memorable experience filled with incredible sights and delicious cuisine for all those who decide to join it.

Finally, the Celebrity Silhouette will embark on another ‘Grand Mediterranean’ journey departing from Rome on July 7th 2021 that will take passengers through ports in Italy, Montenegro, Croatia and Greece before returning to Rome again on August 4th 2021.

Conclusion: The Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship is currently sailing around Europe visiting some of its most beautiful cities while providing passengers with luxurious amenities onboard during their journey. It will continue sailing around Europe until August 4th 2021 when it returns back to Rome after completing its ‘Grand Mediterranean’ voyage.