Where Can I Buy a Silhouette Cutting Mat?

Silhouette cutting mats are essential for precise cutting with your Silhouette machine. They provide a supportive surface that keeps the material in place and prevents it from moving while the blade is in action. The mats come in various sizes, and selecting the right one for the project is important to ensure an accurate cut. So, where can you buy a Silhouette cutting mat?

The best place to purchase a Silhouette cutting mat is from the official Silhouette website. They offer mats in four different sizes, ranging from 12-by-12 inches to 24-by-36 inches. All of their mats have a special adhesive backing that helps keep items firmly in place during cutting, and they are also fully compatible with all Silhouette machines. This ensures that you get a perfect cut every time.

In addition to the official Silhouette website, Silhouette cutting mats can also be found at most craft stores such as JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels. These stores often carry a selection of sizes and styles of Silhouette cutting mats, allowing you to find one that is perfect for your project. It is worth mentioning that these stores usually offer discounts or sales on specific items from time to time, so it pays to check out their selection.

Lastly, Silhouette cutting mats can also be purchased online from other retailers such as Amazon or eBay. Although they may not have the same selection as craft stores or the official Silhouette website, they may occasionally have better deals on certain products due to competition.


In conclusion, there are several places where you can purchase a Silhouette cutting mat – including online retailers like Amazon or eBay – but the best option is likely going through the official Silhouette website which offers quality products backed by their guarantee of accuracy and compatibility with all of their machines.