When Was Chanel GST Discontinued?

The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote, commonly referred to as the GST, was a popular handbag among fashion enthusiasts and collectors. The handbag was introduced in the mid-2000s and quickly became a favorite among Chanel lovers.

However, despite its popularity, the GST was eventually discontinued by Chanel. In this article, we will explore when the GST was discontinued and why.

What is the Chanel GST

The Chanel GST is a spacious tote bag that features the classic Chanel quilted pattern on its exterior. It has two sturdy leather handles and a chain strap that runs along the top of the bag. The interior of the bag is lined with luxurious fabric and has multiple compartments for storage.

Why Was It So Popular

The popularity of the Chanel GST can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, it was a versatile bag that could be worn with casual or formal outfits.

Secondly, it had ample storage space which made it practical for everyday use. Finally, its classic design meant it could be worn for years without going out of style.

When Was It Discontinued

Chanel officially discontinued the GST in 2015. This came as a surprise to many fashion enthusiasts as the bag had been in production for nearly a decade. The reason for discontinuing such a popular product remains unknown.

Speculations About Its Discontinuation

Despite no official statement from Chanel, several speculations have been made about why they discontinued such an iconic product.

  • Poor Sales: Some believe that sales of the GST were declining which prompted Chanel to discontinue it.
  • New Creative Director: In 2019, Virginie Viard took over as Creative Director at Chanel after Karl Lagerfeld’s passing. Some speculate that Viard wanted to make her mark on the brand by discontinuing some of the older products, including the GST.
  • Focus on Other Products: Chanel may have discontinued the GST to shift their focus towards other products in their lineup.


The Chanel GST was one of the most popular handbags produced by the fashion house. Its discontinuation came as a shock to many and has left fans of the bag wondering why it was taken off the market.

While there are several theories about why it was discontinued, we may never know for sure. Nevertheless, its classic design and popularity will ensure that it remains a coveted item among collectors for years to come.