What Vinyl Do You Use for Shirts Cricut?

Vinyl is a popular choice for creating custom designs for t-shirts and other fabric items. Cricut vinyl is an excellent choice for creating designs with the Cricut cutting machine. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes that can be used to create unique and eye-catching designs.

Types of Vinyl

Cricut vinyl is available in a variety of types, including permanent, removable, and heat transfer vinyl. Permanent vinyl adheres to the fabric permanently and is best used on items you don’t plan to wash often.

Removable vinyl can be removed easily without damaging the fabric and is perfect for items you plan to wash frequently. Heat transfer vinyl requires an iron or heat press to adhere it to the fabric.

How to Use Vinyl with Cricut

Using Cricut vinyl with your Cricut cutting machine is easy. First, decide which type of vinyl you need depending on your project.

Then design your artwork in the Cricut Design Space software and cut it out with your machine. After that, weed out any excess parts from the design and apply transfer tape over it if needed.

Applying Vinyl

Next, you’ll need to apply the vinyl design onto your fabric item. For removable and permanent vinyl, use an iron or a heat press set at medium temperature (around 285 degrees Fahrenheit).

For heat transfer vinyl, use a heat press set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Press firmly onto the fabric item for 10-15 seconds.


Vinyl is an excellent choice for creating unique custom designs on t-shirts and other fabric items using a Cricut cutting machine. There are several types of Cricut vinyl available that have different properties depending on what type of project you’re doing. The process for applying it onto your item is simple – just choose the appropriate type of vinyl depending on your needs, design your artwork, cut it out with your machine, weed out any excess parts from the design, apply transfer tape if necessary then press firmly onto the fabric item with either an iron or heat press.

What Vinyl Do You Use for Shirts Cricut?

For shirts using a Cricut cutting machine you should use either permanent or removable vinyl depending on how often you plan to wash them. For more intricate designs requiring greater detail you should consider using heat transfer vinyl as it provides better accuracy when transferring complex shapes onto fabrics.