What Symbol Represents Hermes?

Hermes, the Greek god of commerce, communication, and trickery is one of the most fascinating deities in Greek mythology. He is often depicted holding a caduceus, a winged staff with two snakes intertwined around it.

But is this the only symbol that represents Hermes? Let’s explore some other symbols associated with this multifaceted god.

Hermes’ Caduceus

The caduceus is undoubtedly the most recognized symbol of Hermes. It represents his role as a messenger between the gods and mortals.

The two snakes on the staff are said to represent balance and harmony, while the wings symbolize swiftness and agility. The caduceus has also been associated with healing, as it was believed that Hermes used it to heal people.

Hermes’ Winged Sandals

Another well-known symbol of Hermes are his winged sandals or Talaria. These sandals allowed him to fly and move swiftly from one place to another. They represent his role as a messenger and his ability to travel between different realms.

Hermes’ Petasos

The petasos is a wide-brimmed hat that was commonly worn by travelers in ancient Greece. Hermes is often depicted wearing it, which further emphasizes his role as a messenger who travels between different worlds.

Hermes’ Kerykeion

The kerykeion or herald’s staff is often confused with the caduceus but they have different origins and meanings. The kerykeion was originally used by heralds to announce important messages and proclamations.

It consists of a wooden staff with two serpents entwined around it but without wings. The kerykeion represents authority and power rather than communication.


In conclusion, Hermes has several symbols associated with him, each representing a different aspect of his multi-faceted personality. The caduceus represents his role as a messenger between gods and mortals, the winged sandals symbolize his ability to travel swiftly, the petasos emphasizes his role as a traveler, and the kerykeion represents authority and power. Understanding these symbols can deepen our understanding of this fascinating Greek god.