What Software Do I Need for Cricut Design Space?

Using Cricut Design Space, users can create amazing projects using an array of materials. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Cricut Design Space has something for everyone.

But before you can start crafting, you’ll need to download the necessary software. So what do you need for Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Access: The first thing you’ll need is a Cricut Access subscription. This subscription allows users to access thousands of images from the Cricut Image Library.

It also unlocks exclusive fonts and projects, as well as discounts on materials and supplies. You can buy a subscription for one month or one year.

SVG Files: You may also want to download SVG files to use with your Cricut project. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, which are image files that can be used with many different types of cutting machines. Many websites offer free SVG files that can be used with your machine.

Design Software: While not necessary, having a design software like Adobe Illustrator can make it easier to create and customize designs for your projects. With Illustrator, you can easily manipulate shapes, colors and text to create something truly unique.

Cutting Machine: Obviously the most important piece of equipment is the cutting machine itself! There are several different models available from Cricut ranging from small personal machines to large commercial ones. Each machine has its own unique capabilities such as cutting certain materials or engraving.


In order to use Cricut Design Space successfully, there are several pieces of software and equipment that are necessary. A Cricut Access subscription gives access to the Image Library and exclusive content while SVG files provide additional design options. Additionally, having a design software like Adobe Illustrator makes creating and customizing designs easier while a cutting machine is obviously needed in order to physically cut out the designs.