What Size Was Grace Kelly’s Hermes Bag?

Grace Kelly is known for many things – her beauty, her talent, and of course, her impeccable sense of style. One of the most iconic fashion items associated with the Hollywood legend is undoubtedly the Hermes bag that now bears her name.

The story behind the creation of this legendary bag is a fascinating one. In 1956, Grace Kelly was on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief” in Cannes when she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

The two hit it off and began a whirlwind romance. As their relationship blossomed, Rainier wanted to gift his love something special to mark their courtship.

Rainier turned to Hermes, the luxury Parisian fashion house known for its high-end leather goods. He asked them to create a bag that would be both stylish and practical for Kelly to carry all her belongings while still looking elegant. Thus, the “Kelly” bag was born.

The original design was a simple trapezoid-shaped bag with a flap closure that could be locked with a key. It was made from sturdy calf leather and featured a single top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. While the design has evolved over time, it remains one of Hermes’ most coveted items.

But what size was Grace Kelly’s Hermes bag? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think.

Today, the Kelly bag comes in several different sizes, ranging from 15cm to 50cm in length. However, the size of Kelly’s original bag is not entirely clear.

Some sources claim that her bag was a size 28cm – small enough to be carried by hand but large enough to hold all her essentials. Other reports suggest that it was slightly larger at 32cm or even 35cm.

Regardless of its exact size, there’s no denying that Grace Kelly’s Hermes bag became an instant classic as soon as she started carrying it around town. Her effortless elegance and timeless style helped to cement the bag’s status as a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Today, the Kelly bag remains one of Hermes’ most popular items, with a price tag that reflects its exclusivity. While the exact size of Grace Kelly’s original bag may remain a mystery, its impact on the world of fashion is undeniable.