What Size Is a 40 in Prada?

Have you ever wondered what size a 40 in Prada is? Well, you’re not alone!

The sizing of luxury brands can often be confusing, especially if you’re purchasing online or from overseas. In this article, we’ll delve into what a 40 in Prada means and how to determine your size in their clothing.

First things first, it’s important to note that Prada uses Italian sizing. This means that their sizes run smaller than standard US sizing. For example, a US size 6 would be equivalent to an Italian size 40 in Prada.

How to Measure Your Size

To ensure the best fit when purchasing Prada clothing, it’s important to measure yourself accurately. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Take your measurements with a tape measure. 2. Measure your bust at the widest point. 3.

Measure your waist at the narrowest point. 4. Measure your hips at the widest point. 5. Compare your measurements to Prada’s size chart.

It’s important to note that size charts may vary slightly between different styles and collections within Prada.

What if You’re Between Sizes?

If you find yourself between sizes when using Prada’s size chart, it’s generally recommended that you go up a size rather than down. This is because Prada clothing tends to have a more fitted and tailored look.

Prada Sizing Chart

Here is an example of a typical Prada sizing chart for women:

Women’s Clothing

  • Italian Size 38: Bust – 31″, Waist – 23″, Hips – 34″
  • Italian Size 40: Bust – 33″, Waist – 25″, Hips – 36″
  • Italian Size 42: Bust – 35″, Waist -27″, Hips – 38″
  • Italian Size 44: Bust – 37″, Waist -29″, Hips – 40″

Men’s Clothing

  • Italian Size 46: Chest – 36″, Waist -30″
  • Italian Size 48: Chest – 38″, Waist -32″
  • Italian Size 50: Chest – 40″, Waist -34″
  • Italian Size 52: Chest – 42″, Waist-36″


In conclusion, a size 40 in Prada is equivalent to a US size 6. However, it’s important to measure yourself accurately and refer to Prada’s size chart for the best fit.

Remember that Prada uses Italian sizing, which tends to run smaller than US sizing. By following these tips, you’ll be able to purchase the perfect fit for your next luxury fashion piece from Prada.