What Should Versace Eros Smell Like?

Versace Eros is a highly popular men’s fragrance that has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2012. The scent is inspired by the Greek god of love, Eros, and is crafted to embody the essence of passion, desire, and masculinity.

But what should Versace Eros smell like? Let’s delve deeper into the fragrance notes and explore its olfactory profile.

The Fragrance Notes

The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness that comes from the blend of mint oil, lemon zest, and green apple. The top notes are crisp and invigorating, setting the tone for what’s to come.

As the fragrance settles on the skin, it reveals its heart notes that are dominated by tonka beans and geranium flowers. Tonka beans add a sweet vanilla-like aroma to the fragrance while geranium flowers impart a rosy scent. These floral notes balance out the freshness of the top notes, creating a well-rounded aroma.

Finally, Versace Eros concludes with its base notes of vanilla, cedarwood, vetiver, and oakmoss. These earthy scents provide depth to the fragrance profile while also adding warmth and sensuality to it.

The Olfactory Profile

The olfactory profile of Versace Eros can be described as an aromatic fougere fragrance. Fougere is a popular fragrance family that typically features herbaceous notes like lavender or sage along with woody or mossy undertones. The aromatic aspect comes from the use of herbs like mint in this case.

In terms of intensity and longevity, Versace Eros is a potent fragrance that can last for hours on end. Its sillage (the trail it leaves behind) is also impressive but not overpowering.

The Ideal Occasions to Wear Versace Eros

Given its intense aroma and masculine character, Versace Eros is an ideal fragrance for evening wear or special occasions. It’s a scent that demands attention and exudes confidence, making it perfect for a night out or a formal event.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it during the day. Just make sure to apply it sparingly and avoid overspraying as its intensity can be overwhelming in close quarters.


Versace Eros is a fragrance that lives up to its name. It’s a powerful scent that embodies the spirit of passion and desire. Its olfactory profile is a well-crafted blend of freshness, floral notes, and earthy scents that come together to create a truly captivating aroma.

Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to smell great, Versace Eros is definitely worth considering. So go ahead and indulge in its seductive aroma, and let it ignite your senses.